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Program Goals - Inter-institutional Focus

The Community, Families & Work Program is wonderfully positioned to draw on the rich resources of the Boston area. In addition to involving the faculty and students of Brandeis University, it will form strategic alliances with other academic and research centers to develop and conduct studies.

CFWP and the Boston University School of Journalism will sponsor an annual interchange between journalists and work-family researchers (described in detail below).

CFWP will also engage in policy-oriented, basic and applied research and will provide consultation to businesses and community groups interested in promoting better community, family and work relationships.

CFWP will create reciprocal arrangements with corporations so that each party will have access to the other’s resources. For example, CFWP may provide assistance tocorporations in developing and evaluating various policies and these corporations may provide access to their employees for studies that CFWP undertakes. One such arrangement is now in place with Boston’s State Street Bank.

Furthermore, CFWP will provide input to policy makers and function as a conduit between various stakeholders and researchers. In addition to its connections with such Boston-area institutions as Harvard University, Boston College, Boston University, and the University of Massachusetts-Boston, CFWP has strong ties to other major researchers and research centers throughout the country and abroad. These include Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, and the University of California - San Francisco. In Europe our primary partner is the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. CFWP will collaborate with these institutions, faculties and student bodies to submit proposals and to provide consultation. The CFWP Executive Committee has established relationships with policy, business and community leaders. The Director has deep roots in the work-family research network, and thus CFWP will also be a magnet for a host of other like-minded scholars and practitioners. In partnership with the Heller School at Brandeis University, CFWP will play a prominent role in the policy-making arena.

The Director and the Executive Committee have backgrounds in management, policy, sociology, social work, career development, and psychology. Jointly, we have had extensive experience in both basic and applied research, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies in large and small-scale studies. We also have access to expertise in evaluation research methods, intervention design, and consultation. Our potential collaborators have provided high-quality leadership and training in work-family issues to inter-national, national, and local audiences. Thus we will be able to form alliances that convene scholars and practitioners representing multi-disciplinary, multi- method, and multi-national perspectives